Monitoring of wildlife road mortality in progress

In each of the 5 Provinces involved in the project four road segments of 10 km length have been selected on the basis of previously available data, which in the past have been home to a significant number of road kills.

A detailed description of each selected segment has then been performed, specifically referring to: type and extension of the surrounding habitats, position of the barriers to animal movements (fences, walls, guard-rails, etc.), number of lanes, speed limits and location of road signs alerting the drivers about the possible animal crossing.
All this information has been stored in a dedicated database and specific map material has been produced for each area.
Since May 2013, each road segment is inspected twice a month to register the numbers of different species found dead. The inspections are made at dawn, either by car at low speed or on foot in the areas where the vegetation along the borders limits the visibility.
The collected data are first reported on specific paper forms and then stored in a specific database.
The information gathered in the first year will represent the basis on which to decide where to install the prevention system.
This monitoring activity will be carried out throughout the project.

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