The testing of the first road kill prevention system has started

On 17 Decemberwe have started the testing of the first system to prevent road collisions with wildlife, foreseen in action A7 of the STRADE project, in the Province of Grosseto, with the participation of the staff of the three involved departments of the Province Administration.

We have installed the main components of the system, namely the Radar Doppler receiver that reveals the presence of animals, the data processing unit, and the amplifiers for the emission of the deterring sounds.
We have made first tests for the assessment of vehicle movements, as well as simulations of the detection of approaching animals. The calibration of the electric data processing unit has also begun, along with the development of a specific software that will allow the control and the correct functioning of the whole system. We have also installed a remote camera, which will allow to constantly monitor the development of the experimentation.
The testing with continue with the analysis of the collected data from remote. Further field controls will allow the definite calibration of all the components and finally all the remaining components will be installed.

Last modified on Thursday, 10 April 2014 12:04