Continuation of the participatory process to develop a management protocol for traffic collisions with wildlife

The development of a management protocol for the impact of traffic collisions on wildlife (Action C2) foresees a participatory process to engage the various institutions and associations that are involved in the phenomenon.  

To carry out this action theproject draws on the advice of personnel that is trained in the fields of facilitation and participation(www.criteria.web;

The first workshop took place on January 21st, it involved all the project partners and served asthe planning phase for the definition of the protocol’s objectives as well as the route to be followed for the protocol’s preparation.

The process continued with three meetings that took place in the project regions (Marche, April 9th; Umbria, May 23rd; Tuscany, May 30th) and were attended by 128 members of various institutions and associations: Regional, Provincial and Municipal Administrations, State Forestry Corps, ANAS, universities, hunting associations, environmental associations, protected areas, veterinarian services (ASL), the association for road victims, and freelance workers.

The three regional workshops were carried out using the Open Space Technology (OST), a method rarely used in Italy, which aroused curiosity and inspired a lively participation

These meetings allowed for all those involved in the management of traffic collisions with wildlife to share their experiences and expertise regarding the issue.  A list of insights and considerations was produced to serve as a basis for the development of the management protocol.

The choice of initiating a participatory process for the creation of the protocol came out of the need to produce a document agreed on by all the interested parties, in order for it to be implemented beyond the end of the project as well as in other regions.




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