Presentation of STRADE at the IENE Conference in Malmo, Sweden.

Between September 16th and 19th 2014 the LIFE project STRADE was presented at the conference organized by the IENE network (Infra Eco Network Europe, in Malmo, Sweden.

The main themes discussed in the conference were:

  • Roadless areas
  • Traffic noise
  • Animal-vehicle collisions and traffic safety
  • Road kill – monitoring systems and population effects
  • Railways and wildlife
  • Innovative and cost-effective solutions for mitigation
  • Infrastructure habitats
  • Best practice in maintenance
  • Biodiversity offsetting
  • Improved tools and standards in planning
  • Public awareness and communication needs

214 people, from 35 different countries, participated in the conference.

During the “Animal-vehicle collisions and traffic safety” session, Annette Mertens, project manager of the LIFE project STRADE, presented the activities carried out within STRADE, particularly with regards to the system to prevent traffic collisions with wildlife.

The presentation sparked considerable interest among the conference participants and enabled an exchange of information with other European and international industry experts, which will continue in the coming years.

The dissemination of the LIFE project STRADE was furthermore enhanced by the presence of a stand dedicated to Vane Service, the company that provides assistance for the installation and the monitoring of the traffic collisions prevention system.

The abstract of this presentation, together with the contributions of the other conference participants, can be downloaded from the following link:





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