The third monitoring visit has been carried out

On the 23rd and 24th of April the project was visited by a representative of the external monitoring group, Dr. Riccardo Scalera, accompanied by Dr Bent Jepsen who represents the company responsible for the monitoring (, as well as Dr. Stefania Betti from the LIFE Focal Point of the Ministry of the Environment

During the first day the progress of the project was presented, the cost reports of the different partners were reviewed, and the technical and administrative aspects of the project were discussed. During the second day we held afield visit to inspect the two systems to prevent traffic collisions with wildlife that were installed in the Province of Perugia, in the municipal territories of Fossato di Vico and Costacciaro. The afternoon continued with a visit to the road S.R. 599 near the Trasimeno Lake, where the project is carrying out monitoring activities, and a visit to L’Oasi “la Valle” where the travelling exhibit on the impact of road traffic on biodiversity is displayed. We now await the official comments from the European Commission.