The first travelling exhibits of the project have been installed

We produced a travelling exhibit to raise public awareness regarding traffic accidents with wildlife. The exhibit is composed of 10 posters that explain various aspects of the phenomenon and the activities undertaken by the project.

5 slightly different versions of the exhibit were produced to reflect each of the 5 Provinces that participate in the project. The exhibits were installed in 4 sites: l’Oasi di Alviano (in the Province of Terni), the Natural History museum of Casalina (in the Province of Perugia), l’Oasi La Valle (in the Province of Perugia) and the agricultural fair of the Madonnino (in the Province of Grosseto). Already in these locations, the exhibit is accessible to thousands of viewers, and over the next months it will also be displayed in the Provinces of Siena and Pesaro-Urbino.


Last modified on Thursday, 21 May 2015 13:32