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Documentario Siena

Look the documentary about LIFE STRADE Project

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After life eng

Download After-LIFE Conservation Plan

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Best Practice Manual

Download the Best Practice Manual English vesion

Best Practice Manual.pdf

If you want to Know more on Life Strade Project, here You can download the Layman's Report of Life Strade Project


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Download Life Strade App

Here you can download the Life Strade App! Hepl us to working by road kill prevention!

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During the last month (August 2016) we have installed a new version of the road kill prevention device, which involves the use of a thermic video camera.

This tool replaces the infrared sensors that have been used in the previous devices.

The advantages of this camera are that 

After the experience in Malmö in 2014 the LIFE STRADE project has been presented at the International Conference of the IENE Network, which has taken place from 30 August to 2 September 2016 in Lyon, France. The conference has been attended by over 450 persons from 44 different countries.

In June 2016 in Terni Province we have started the installation of the fifteenth road kill prevention device.

The novelty of this device is represented by the use of a thermic video camera, which can register the presence of animals that approach the road. It offers new interesting possibilities to cover large areas with a constant quality, and in different environmental situations.


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Congress 4-5 Oct eng

Here you can view the full presentation of the International Congress:  video of 4 october 2016 video of 5 october 2016

Download all slide and abstract:

On 4-5 October 2016 the final international conference of the LIFE STRADE was held in Perugia: Wildlife Road Kill Prevention: Theory, Research and Practice. In 1,5 days invited speakers have presented their experiences from the USA, South Africa, from 7 European countries and from different parts of Italy, and the conference was opened by a speech of a representative of ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca sull’Ambiente). Moreover, 10 posters have been exposed. The event was attended by 80 from Italy and abroad and all the presentations have been followed with big interest. The conference has been a good opportunity to disseminate the results of the STRADE Project at national and international level. Moreover, it has offered the possibility to the Italian participants to learn interesting information about previous projects, theories and experiences from all over the world, which will be important for future initiatives.The conference has been followed by a field visit for the invited speakers to the road kill prevention device that was installed in Orvieto (Terni Province).


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