The loss and fragmentation of habitats are two of the most important threats for biodiversity. Unfortunately, the awareness of this problem is still poor among the persons and authorities involved in various different ways in the planning, construction and maintenance of the transport infrastructures.??

In fact, the management of the territory should include, among its goals, the implementation of ecological networks, with the aim to maintain or restore the connections among habitat fragments. These critical aspects should be taken into account from starting from the very beginning of the infrastructure planning phase. However, this does not happen: economic aspect related to the cost of the damage compensation are nowadays the main and sometime the only elements that concern public administrators, whereas the impact on  biodiversity is only scarcely considered.

In this context the LIFE STRADE project was conceivedwith the aim to draw the attention on the loss of biodiversity due traffic collisions with wildlife, and to apply measures that can reduce barrier effect of a transport infrastructure.

The goals of the project are:

  • the implementation and large-scale demonstration of a newly developed sophisticated prevention system that simultaneously warns drivers and deters wildlife from crossing roads in critical moments, in an interactive way;
  • the development and large-scale demonstration of an integrated management protocol.        
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