During the first year of the project an electronic archive will be created, containing all the information related to the traffic collisions with wildlife occurred in the project areas. In a first step the data regarding the collisions reported in the past 10 years will be stored and geo-referenced.
After that the geographical localization of the data, along with the results obtained from the monitoring activities on the selected road segments, will allow to build a risk map for each of the five involved Provinces.
This geo-database will be an essential tool to manage and mitigate the impact of the transport infrastructures on the biodiversity, and it will be implemented in such way to be easily updated also after the end of the project.

The map below provides details of the risk road sections (red = medium risk and blue = high risk), monitored roads (yellow traces) and location of the prevention devices. The legend can be viewed by clicking on the square with arrow on the top left. Geodatabase reading needs a Google Crome browser. Good navigation.

You can download the files as follows:

  1. Magnify the map by clicking on the square in the upper right corner
  2. open the legend by clicking on the square with arrow on the top left;
  3. click on the right side of the red header bar;
  4. click "download KML files". (You can download one or all of them).
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